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Konbara Points Earned from So-Called Credit Card Spending

Konbara Points Earned from So-Called Credit Card Spending

Occasionally, I receive messages on my mobile phone related to credit card transactions and such. Yesterday, I received one such message, and it goes like this:
"LAST DAY!! Your Konbara Reward Points from credit card purchases have reached 200TL. Call 02129120088 now. Activate your points for free."

I usually just delete these messages, but yesterday, I decided to call and talk to them. I wish I had recorded the conversation.

- Welcome to Teknomoney.com, connecting you to a customer representative, please stay on the line. (They have set up a call center, they are so organized)
- Hello, this is **, how can I assist you?

Me: Hello, this is Niyazi, I received a message regarding my credit card spending, saying I've earned 200 TL, what exactly is this?

- You've earned reward points related to your credit card spending, that's why the message was sent. We can activate them for you if you wish.

Me: Alright, let's activate them.

- May I have your full name please?

Me: Niyazi Alpay.

- To confirm that the card belongs to you, I'll ask you a few questions. Do you have the card with you?

Me: Yes.

- Your card should have either a Master or Visa logo on the bottom right corner. Which one does your card have?

Me: Master.

- May I have the card numbers? (Things are getting heated here)

Me: Why should I share that information with you?

- We're asking to confirm that the card belongs to you. You can close the first four digits if you'd like.

Me: You already know the first four digits when I told you my card is a MasterCard.

- We're just trying to confirm that the card belongs to you. We have no other intentions. (I don't understand these things)

Me: Alright, what other information will you ask from me? How about the expiration date and CVV code? How did you get my information to send me this message?

- In this case, I'll have to report you.

Me: Report me for what?

- You're giving us false information, so I'll have to report you. (My tone is starting to rise)

Me: Report me wherever you want, I'll report you for scamming people. My name is Niyazi and my last name is Alpay, report me wherever you like, I'm waiting.

- ...

They hung up :)

If I had continued giving incorrect card details, they would have asked for the expiration date and CVV code. They use this information to make online purchases, pretending to have made purchases through their website, teknomoney.com, and transfer the money to their own accounts. They are very well organized, and there are many people who have been scammed this way. When they can't get what they want, they try to scare the person on the other end by saying they'll report them if they don't provide the information. Don't give out your information, even if they threaten to report you. If they do report you, they'll be the ones in trouble because what they're doing is illegal. Obtaining someone's credit card information is a crime in itself, and they can't report you just because you didn't give them that information.

I work in a bank's call center, and I've encountered many people who have been scammed this way. Don't share your card number, expiration date, or CVV code with anyone. If you use online banking, use a virtual credit card for online purchases. You can assign a separate limit to this virtual card, which is linked to your main card.

I wish I had recorded the conversation, it would have been better that way :)

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