M. Niyazi Alpay
M. Niyazi Alpay
M. Niyazi Alpay

I've been interested in computer systems since a very young age, and I've been programming since 2005. I have knowledge in PHP, MySQL, Python, MongoDB, and Linux.



The Hacker Who Saved the World - My Own Solutions

The Hacker Who Saved the World - My Own Solutions

This competition is called CTF (Capture The Flag) abroad, it's not organized much in our country, so I thank the Prodaft team for organizing such a competition.
I solved some of the questions, couldn't solve some, I'll tell you what I managed to do here

  1. Water would have been nice
    I struggled a bit to solve this, I had never cracked an exe before, I tried all the decompilers I found on the internet :D and found the answer in one of them
    * Possible String Reference to: 'SuV3r3yd11y1yd1'
    Answer SuV3r3yd11y1yd1

  2. Hackatolia, at first it seemed like a riddle, I thought maybe it's asking for the name of the first hacker or something, then I googled it, the first result was http://whois.domaintools.com/hackatolia.com I went in and the answer was there

  3. No to bombs
    The expression "there might be something hidden in the picture" made me think it might have been steganography, then I looked into the properties of the image and found the answer

  4. Fresh pastry from the bakery
    I downloaded the file, it was a pcap extension file, I already had wireleshark installed on my computer, I opened the file,
    14           10.352308000                    FTP        75           Request: PASS t4m4mbuk0layd1
    I found the answer :)

  5. In this question, an md5 hash is given and we are asked to crack it, I tried on md5 cracking websites, it didn't work, then I looked into the page source, there is no page where the form is submitted, the form is submitted within a javascript, I saw that a function is encrypted among the codes, I decrypted the encrypted javascript codes from this page http://matthewfl.com/unPacker.html and found the answer chA&a4R!nu

  6. It's nice to take notes
    This was the easiest, I split the image in Photoshop and put the necessary parts together V2atifC3h

  7. Shopping from the hacker basket, I struggled with this question, since we couldn't get the gas mask, I understood that this was the key point but I couldn't come up with any solution :D

  8. One of the easy questions for me,
    Now is the time,
    in the hint, it shows that it compares the data coming from the form with PHP, to find out the server's hour:minute:second, I sent the form empty and got the time, I took the md5 of one minute later and added 'now_is_the_time' to the end and sent the form
    I kept refreshing the page until it reached the time I wrote and finally got the answer on the screen :)

  9. Silent game, I couldn't do this because I didn't understand it

  10. Escape from the mathtronic, Reverse engineering didn't work, I played a bit, it took a long time but finally got the answer M4t3m4tr0n4kb1L

  11. Did you say credit card?
    I couldn't solve the sounds, each phone button sound corresponds to a note, I tried to extract the tones with a metronome, it didn't work, I opened it with adobe audition and still couldn't solve it, I tried a lot but no success :D

  12. Onur's, I got really mad at this question, I couldn't do it :D

  13. Not knowing is not shameful, not learning is, I struggled with this question too but no success :)

  14. Card games, this question is one of my favorite questions, I did it a bit late, I wish I had done it earlier :)
    While stacking the cards, I stopped when there were 8 cards and looked at what could be open and what could be closed, then I saw 8 cards, some of them are open, some are closed, 1 and 0 came to my mind, each is 1 bit, 8 bits = 1 byte = 1 character
    01000010 01110101 01101100 01100100 01110101 01101110 01000010 01101001 01101100 01100101
    this comes out from here, I converted these values from http://www.roubaixinteractive.com/PlayGround/Binary_Conversion/Binary_To_Text.asp and reached the result

  15. Log management, a wpa hack question, I solved it because I'm good with wireless networks. I opened the virtual BackTrack5, copied the logonetimi.cap file to the desktop, opened a terminal window and wrote these commands
    first aircrack-ng logonetimi.cap  to see what the bssid value is and then went to these commands cd /pentest/passwords/crunch/
    I went into the crunch folder under passwords under pentest
    ./crunch 1 16 0123456789 | aircrack-ng -w- -b 00:1C:A8:AA:10:C4 /root/Desktop/logyonetimi.cap
    It tries numbers between 1 and 16 digits like this and a few hours later I reached the answer 21122012, actually it doesn't require any effort 21 12 2012 supposedly the date the world will end :D

  16. Cryptoanalysis is our job, I solved this question on the last day, I wish I had tried it earlier, I could have solved this question on the first day too, it's obvious it's done by shifting letters. I looked for the word 'flag', flag is 4 letters, I underlined the 4 letter words, I started translating from the last sentence
    MSHN = FLAG When I count 7 letters back this comes out, so I translated the whole sentence accordingly and reached the sentence FLAG IS KEVINMITNICK

  17. Hacking a forum is easy, but it wasn't easy for me :D

  18. RGS, Rival planet website, I couldn't figure anything out from here

  19. Seeing is believing, there was something on the picture, on the right side, I zoomed in that direction and reached the answer

  20. Observing the pancake, I googled the logo on the left of the picture, learned that it's the security pacific bank logo, thought it could be the name of the bank's founder, but couldn't provide the answer :D

  21. Hacker fm and hello to the sun,
      One of the questions I really admire, I opened the song, there's a noise at the beginning, I thought there's something here, I opened it with adobe audition, when I opened it, I saw the sound waves, there was a difference at the beginning, I deleted the part after the noise and only that part remained, here's the answer in front of me

    Ses Analizi

  22. Memory Loss = I couldn't do it

  23. Real Encryption = I couldn't do it

  24. Hacker tax, I just gave a number here, wrote 50 and sent it, luckily my score didn't go down too much :D

  25. And the last one
    The world is ending where are we, I'm thinking, thinking, I'm writing my own coordinates and it doesn't work, then I looked at the hint given on the page, the world is ending where are you, December 21 is supposedly the last day of the world, everyone is going to Şirince, I wrote the coordinates of the Şirince village and got the answer :)

The competition was really fun, most of the questions in the competition required analytical thinking, hopefully such competitions will continue to be held, I thank the Prodaft team very much :)

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